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Hamilton Island Day 3

November 25, 2012

Another day mainly lazing and chilling out on the beach though we did venture out down to the marina area at lunchtime. It’s about a 10min walk from our hotel though we did deviate off the main walkway to peruse other hotels/resorts and shops (for Brenda’s benefit of course lol). Brenda also did a bit of kayaking, which she loves, exploring the coral across the bay we are in – me? I just lazed in the sun and took the occasional picture of he 

On Hamilton Island the 2 things which are in plenty these are Cockatoos, who are very noisy and also inquisitive and club cars, virtually the only way to get around the place other than walking.

I have no idea how many club cars there are the island but my guess is it must be well over a thousand – they are everywhere. Every hotel/resort also have their own to transport you to wherever you want to go. At our hotel you just turn up at the reception and someone is always available to take you and will either arrange a pickup time for when you want to return or you can just as the shop, bar, restaurant etc to phone the hotel and they are with you in minutes.

Another interesting arrangement is you can choose to carry no cash or card to pay for whatever you are purchasing whether that be an ice-cream, meal, drinks or gifts – in-fact literally anything. All you do is inform them which hotel/resort you are staying at, prove it by showing them your room key then all you do is sign a receipt for whatever you have purchased and this then gets charged to your personal account. This gets settled at the end of your stay but it does mean you need to keep a running tab though this is available through the TV in your room. Whilst this is a great idea it has it’s risks as when you have cash you can at least monitor what you are spending and if your someone who is carefree you could run up a hefty bill which if you’re not careful could take you over your spending budget.

Each evening there is an opportunity to watch the sun go down over the Whitsunday Islands. There is a great viewing point on One Tree Hill (though I counted many more trees than just the one!!!). Here people gather and socialise and enjoy a sunset cocktail or two and wait for sunset. We were blessed with watching a beautiful sunset with thin clouds infiltrating the rays of the setting sun. It was a glorious event and a reminder that as one day is ending another is beginning in another part of God’s majestic world.

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