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Day 24 – Queenstown

November 8, 2012

So today is a special day for me – it is my 26 birthday (oops I got the digits round the wrong way lol. When I got back from the washrooms I opened the door of the camper-van to Brenda singing happy birthday to me. What more could one ask for other than to have my ear plugs back in – only joking she sounded rather sweet!! I had some cards to open which was a pleasant surprise especially the one from Sephi which had a picture of a dinosaur on the front which she had coloured in. Inside it read (written by her mum) – Dear Pops hope you have a wonderful birthday! Sephi chose the dinosaur and I’m sure it has absolutely nothing to do with your age!! Lots of love Sephi xx


I also got a present from our youngest son, Martin. Not sure what message he is trying to give me! Perhaps he is just doing his bit to promote movember. It said on the packaging that a handlebar moustache is a moustache with particularly lengthy, upward curved, extremities. It’s dignified, sophisticated, refined, and above all else irresistible to the opposite sex! (Ah that’s why he got it for me!!!)

What do you think folks? Dignified, sophisticated, refined??? Not sure I needed this as I am all of those lol. Well it was a grand start to the day and did cause me to chuckle a little. Thanks Martin I love you lots.

So the day had started well and it was just going to get better.

We had chosen to take a ride on a jet boat! No just any old jet boat but one that provided a breathtaking ride through dramatic, narrow canyons at speeds of up to 80km an hour. It included 360 degree spins with the aim of course to soak as many passengers as possible each time!!

Not sure what our driver thought as I’m guessing the average age of the 9 passengers would be around 65 with only 2 being slightly younger than myself and Brenda. It didn’t appear to be fazed with this and duly went about his business taking us very close to the walls of the canyon. What a fantastic experience and apart from having pictures to prove it we also have the dvd as well!!  The picture opposite is of the group that went out after us and the conclusion of their ride which ends with a 360 degree spin.

Our little spin had certainly worked up an appetite so we decided to have a brunch in the town and it was lovely sitting out in shorts and t-shirts in the very warm sun. After lunch we were back on the water only this time at a more leisurely 5km per hour on the lake. Lake Wakatipu is a beautiful lake and the people living all around it have unbelievable views. It was a very different experience to the mornings cut and thrust adventure. There are loads of  little coves with small settlements around them. There is one particular area where you do have to be rather wealthy as land prices start at a cool $1.5NZ (around £750k) and building costs for the types of housing there would start at around $4/5mNZ. I caught a glimpse of a golf course at the end of one of the peninsula’s. What a fantastic place to play your golf and only around £40 a round. We really enjoyed the cruise which lasted around 90mins and the sun continued to shine so we were able to sit outside and get a much better view of the area.

Tonight we are off to celebrate my birthday at what looks to be a rather nice restaurant with lots of fish on the menu. We can’t be too late as we have an early start tomorrow being picked up to start our journey to Doubtful Sound which is part of the Fiordland. We are will be staying the night on a boat and not returning till late Saturday afternoon so there will no more posts till then,



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