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Day 6 – Travelling

October 21, 2012

We spent most of the day travelling – we wanted to get to south of Auckland so that meant driving around 450km. We set off at 8.30am and arrived at our destination, Orere Point at just after 5pm. Enroute we drove through a number of mountain ranges with steep ascents and even steeper descents. At one point our sat nav had a wobble. We were on one of the steep descents with lots of s-bends and the sat nave tells us to undertake a u-turn!!!! It just couldn’t keep up with the direction we were travelling. Those of who use a sat nav will know that the map turns to reflect the direction you are going in – in this case we were literally at times doubling back on ourselves, something the sat nav clearly couldn’t cope with.

Enroute we stopped at Whangarei which is northern most city in NZ. Like many towns it lies between forested hills and has a deep harbour which means it has a fishing fleet. Many of you know that we are members of Anytime Gym and surprisingly just across the road from where we parked was an Anytime Gym. Our membership gives us worldwide access so we decided to test this out. Our key fobs worked and we spent about 45 mins working out …. I know we’re on holiday bu we do want to keep a certain level of fitness!!! 

Following lunch we set off on the second leg of our journey, not much really to say about this other than it rained off and on for the most part until we got to Auckland then it just poured, and poured and poured with rain. As I write this blog it is still raining. We asked a local how long it was set in for and his reply?? ’till it stops’!!! He appeared a little miserable and on the morose side of life!!! Can’t blame really with the weather it has been in this area fro the last few days.

Well this evening takes it’s normal pattern, some planning for the next few days, some wines and cheese, maybe a game or two of Yahtzee. We might even get to Skype with Martin, Kay and Sephi – we are loving our holiday but we do miss seeing our lovely family (Richard and Tayyaba are included)

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One Comment
  1. Love the fact you say ‘some wines’. As in plural. Knowing you two I wouldn’t be at all surprised!

    Loved chatting to you this morning/evening! Sephi was very happy.

    Oh…and Newcastle drew 1-1 with the Mackem despite playing majority of the game with 10 men…and Demba had to score for the mackem…funnily enough the Mackem celebrated like they’d beaten us 6-0!!

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