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Day 2 – Auckland

October 17, 2012

Those of you who follow me on Twitter will know that the day started rather early for both of us. We were both wide awake at 4am and as we couldn’t get back to sleep used the time to plan what we were going to do. Our day officially commenced at 7.45am with breakfast in a tiny cafe/winebar in the centre of Auckland, great value and great food and coffee.

We then took a delightful walk viewing some wonderful sights this great city has to offer. We ended up at the Ferry Terminal a very iconic building which ouzes the heritage of an earlier period in the life of the great harbour. We visited Devonport by boat, once an island but now joined to the mainland by a bridge and experienced a well preserved Victorian and Edwardian town which has 2 old volcano’s. You have to be fairly wealthy to live in Devonport with the average house price being in excess of 1.5 NZ dollars about £750k. Returning to the Viaduct are of the harbour we experienced our first subway food, I have to admit it was rather tasty.

We spent a couple of hours in the afternoon aboard one of the many cruise boats touring around the extensive harbour viewing what is still a developing port with loads of land reclamation going on to provide even more storage space for the large container ships. There are also loads of marina’s dotted around berthing boats of all kinds even those super yachts costing millions of pounds to buy.

Auckland is hosting this years World Triathalon and on return to the main ferry area we saw hundreds of athletes participating in the swimming and running elements. One of the places we had our ‘must-do’ list was a visit to Auckland museum.Image

This is magnificent building looks like a Greek Temple and houses a comprehensive display of Pacific and Maori artefacts. Highlights for me were the 25m war canoe and an awesome carved meeting house, on entering I had to remove my shoes.

It was time for a couple of refreshing beers, a bit of relaxation before heading out for dinner which we decided to take in the revolving restaurant at the summit of Sky Towers. This structure is the tallest building in the Southern hemisphere was completed towards the end of the last century and is a major tourist attraction and communications tower. The meal was outstanding and not over priced and the view was very special, we experienced a 360 degree panoramic view of Auckland and surrounding area.

Our day which had started extremely early was drawing to a close and we returned to our hotel rather tired but having had a superb day with great weather, sunny most of the day.

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  1. Sounds great – I see Mum was in full flow while you were taking the picture! Hope you get a good night’s rest. M x

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