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The night before departure

October 13, 2012

Well we got home from a few days in Exeter with Martin, Kay and Sephi to find that the lounge in our apartment was rather damp!!! When we left on Wednesday afternoon Brenda had left some storage drawers from our freezer steeping in the sink. Somehow the cold water lever had been turned on and over the next 60hrs the sink overflowed and the result was water had flowed gently into the lounge and our wooden panelled floor was seeping water. Oh dear!! Brenda was mortified and devastated, not a good start to our packing day. Not a great amount we can do before we go away, we’ll have to deal with the insurance claim on our return though I have initiated the claim process. Anyway, the packing went well and we were pleasantly surprised how much we could pack into our new travel bags and stay within the baggage allowance. In 24hrs time we will be at Terminal 3 at Heathrow waiting to board our Qantas A380 enroute to Auckland via Singapore and Sydney. We can leave behind for now the problems/damage the water may have caused and focus on the holiday of a lifetime. 

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